ROBERT LEPAGE: “It is as if yoga, mime, butoh, acrobatics and contortion had all been ingeniously crammed into the meat grinder of physical theatre to create an original and exciting new art form...The simple story that emerges out of the complex layering of imagery and sound is both gracious and bold, like the single brush stroke of a Japanese Sumi-e painting where everything is there for purpose, economical and strongly evocative.”                                  

“Bagabones is a beautiful and visceral look at one man's search for where he belongs spiritually and where he fits into the physical world...Nosan is a strong performer with exquisite body control.

He has created a vibrant piece of theatre that is violent, daring, spiritual, and unconventional.”                                         --Ryan Emmons/



©2015 Jonathan Nosan

BAGABONES™ by Jonathan Nosan